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Using the Stickers

The stickers and backgrounds are available from both the Broadcast and Capture tabs, this allows you quick and easy access to adding Stickers and Backgrounds to any image, webcam or AVI broadcast and to any webcam you are capturing (you can also add Stickers and Backgrounds during editing at a later stage). Stickers are of course completely removable at any stage so your final AVI can be saved with or without stickers even if it was originally captured with stickers!

Overview of Stickers
When your Sticker Packs are installed they are unpacked and stored in Categories,

with each cateogory have to side tabs Stickers and Backgrounds

Stickers tab selected...


Stickers come as either static (non moving) or animated (moving) images and these are easily identified as the animated sticker icons have a broken red border around them while the static images are plain

Animated Sticker
Static Sticker

Stickers can be dragged and dropped directly onto the preview window and they are easily repositioned, simply click, hold and move into any desired position! You can have the full sticker showing or position it slightly off the preview window and you can also layer (send to back, bring to front, nudge back, nudge forward) the Stickers, make them semi transparent, use them in conjunction with filters, plugins or zoom and mirror effects and have up to a massive 90 stickers showing at any one time!

Background tab selected...

Backgrounds are "fixed borders", this means when you drag and drop a background onto your preview window it will automatically snap to the frame so that you don't have to worry about correct positioning or lining it up exactly to the outside edges.

The backgrounds come in a range of shapes and sizes (more are always in the making!) and as with the stickers they can used during broadcast, added either during a webcam capture or after and saved to AVI with or without!

TIP: if your webcam broadcast or capture doesn't fit neatly inside the background you'd like to use then check out our Cam Sticker tutorial which is at the bottom of our Mirrors & Zoom tutorial page.

If your Sticker or Background icons are a little difficult to see, enable zoom on mouse over
Options > Zoom Sticker Icons with Mouse Over
which will give you a larger preview of the sticker you hover your mouse over the image, this can make sticker selection a little easier until you become more familiar with the graphics available.

enable or disable zoom on mouse over...
Standard Icons  
  Zoom Enabled
keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Z lets you toggle Zoom Sticker icons with Mouse Over

Layering your Stickers
Layering your stickers is very easy to do and it's a great time saver that allows you to customize your sticker layouts and designs.

Send Sticker to Back, Bring Sticker to Front
If you create a sticker set, then at the last minute decide you want to add a background image to it, yet want all the stickers to sit on top of the background, simply right click the background image and select Send Sticker to Back, this will force the background first layer so that all your stickers can remain ontop. Or vice versa, if you add a background first then layer it with stickers but later on decide you want your background to sit to the front, then right click the background and select Bring Sticker to Front this will put your background at the forefront with all your stickers behind.

the "dice" background was added last and sits on top of the previously added stickers, to move the background behind the stickers right click the background image and select Send Sticker to Back... ... this will send the background image to the first layer added pushing the stickers on to the forefront layers.

Nudge Sticker Forward One, Nudge Sticker Back One
If you're using multiple stickers on an image you can quickly and easily layer them exactly how you like! Right click the sticker you wish to layer and select Nudge Sticker Forward One, this will bring the sticker forward one layer, or select Nudge Sticker Back One, this will send the sticker one layer back, you can repeat this until the stickers is in the exact layer you would like it to be

you added a hat, an apple, orange, lemon and banana to your preview window...

the hat sits on the first layer, layer 1 to the far back
the apple sits on the 2nd layer
the orange 3rd layer
lemon 4th layer
banana 5th layer, the foreground

now you'd like to make some minor adjustments, you want the lemon to sit behind the orange
right click the lemon, select Nudge Sticker Back One
you'd like the apple to sit on top of all the fruit
right click the apple, select Bring Sticker to Front
now you'd like to move the hat to sit ontop
right click the hat, select Bring Sticker to Front
Done :)

Stickers and Transparency
Sometimes you need a more subtle look or would like to blend your stickers together, this is where setting transparency comes in useful as you can set different transparency on each individual sticker (or background) with separate levels.

To apply transparency right click the sticker, select Set Sticker Transparency, then select the level
if at any stage you wish to reset the image back to it's orginal condition,
right click the sticker, select Set Sticker Transparency, then select Transparency OFF

TIP: see Quick Themes & Themes for saving your sticker layouts so that you can use them again and again!

Removing Stickers
You always have the option to remove individual stickers or all stickers from your capture or broadcast at any stage.

To remove individual Stickers
right click the Sticker you wish to remove
select Remove Sticker

keyboard shortcut: Del will Delete the selected Sticker

To remove All Stickers
select Playback
select Remove Stickers
then select from:
Remove ALL Stickers: which will delete ALL the stickers from the very first frame capture right through to the very last.
Remove All Stickers from Current Frame to End: which deletes ALL the stickers from the currently frame selected to the last frame captured. This will leave all stickers in tact on all frames PRIOR to the one selected.

keyboard shortcut: Alt+Backspace will Remove ALL Stickers

TIP: If after adding or removing Stickers or Filters, you are still not quite ready to Save to AVI, remember to save the changes made to your captured session before you exit StickerCam.

File > Save Changes to Current Saved Webcam

keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+S will Save Changes to Current Save WebCam

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