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Quick Themes

TIP: see DOWNLOADS: Sticker Packs & Themes for more themes to download and install

If you've spent alot of time creating a specific layout or range of stickers then Quick Themes will be one of your favourite StickerCam features as it allows you to save your creation as a "theme" which you can not only quickly and easily access at a later stage, but also reload it onto any broadcast, capture or edit.

From either the broadcast or capture tab, click on the Quick Themes category tab
to the left you will see the Quick Themes list where all your saved themes will be
directly below that are 3 icons
Delete Quick Theme
Rename Quick Theme
Save Current Stickers as a Quick Theme

Quick Themes can be created from any layout so if you've just created a range of stickers that you wish to save, either from broadcast or capture, then click on the Quick Themes category tab
click on the Save Current Stickers as a Quick Theme icon

the new theme will now appear on your Quick Themes list with the default title New Theme {creation date}

to rename the theme simply click and hold the theme title then drag it down to the Rename Theme icon

give the theme a "friendly" name then click on the green tick to save the new title

if you've made a mistake you can simply discard the name change by clicking on the red cross then re-enter the title

if the name is too long for the title window don't worry as when you mouseover the theme titles they will automatically scroll so that the full title is visible :)

original broadcast...
with stickers applied...

to use your Quick Theme on another broadcast, capture or edit simply click the Quick Theme title
and drag it across to the preview window and release!

original broadcast...
with Quick Theme applied...

Quick Theme "fun mixed" applied to both a broadcast and edit...

if your chosen Quick Theme doesn't line up exactly with your new broadcast or capture don't worry because all the stickers saved in the Quick Theme can still be moved, rearranged or even deleted if you wish!

TIP: Quick Themes can't be shared with other StickerCam users BUT after you've saved them as a Quick Theme you can then save them as a standard Theme which can then be saved and shared! click on File > Save Current Sticker Set as a Theme, for more detailed information see the tutorial below :)


Themes are slightly different to Quick Themes in that you can save them to any directory and then share the Theme with other StickerCam users.

TIP: Other StickerCam users will need to have the same Sticker Packs installed as you do to be able to see the specific images, backgrounds and filters that have you used.

You can create your themes using static images or from a webcam session, so if you've been broadcasting your webcam (or capturing one) and you've built up an awesome theme you'd like to use again or share, the follow these simple instructions:

Saving a Theme
Once you've built up your theme in StickerCam
click on File
select Save Current Sticker Set As Theme

keyboard shortcut: F2 will Save Current Sticker Set as Theme

by default your My Documents folder will open (you can navigate from there to any location of your choosing)
now give your Theme a name
click on Save

Once your Theme has been saved you will see the confirmation notice...

and it's now ready for either you to use or share with other StickerCam users :)

DOWNLOAD: Theme-StickerCam-Webcam - Nature Theme.zip
download and unzip the file above then load the enclosed file
Theme-StickerCam-Webcam - Nature Theme.WackyB into StickerCam
Note: this theme also uses the Cam Sticker filter which repositions the webcam from bottom right to top right.

original broadcast / capture
with Nature theme applied

Loading a Theme
Loading your themes is quick and simple
click on File
select Load Theme to Current Sticker Set

keyboard shortcut: F3 will Load Theme to Current Sticker Set

by default your My Documents folder will open (you can navigate from there to any location of your choosing)
select the theme you wish to use
click on Open

You will now see the image / broadcast / capture you originally had now has the theme applied...

original broadcast
with SnowFlakes theme applied

DOWNLOAD: Theme-StickerCam-Webcam - SnowFlakes.zip
download and unzip the file above then load the enclosed file
Theme-StickerCam-Webcam - SnowFlakes.WackyB into StickerCam

TIP: to quickly remove a theme select Playback > Remove Stickers > Remove ALL Stickers

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