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Using the Special Stickers

The Special Stickers come in two forms, "Peelable" which can be removed at any stage prior to saving the webcam session as an AVI file and "Permanent" which are used during Web Cam capture and once applied are unable to be removed.

Peelable Stickers

Text Labels
these can be applied either during a broadcast, capture or while editing a webcam session, the stickers are peelable which means they can be removed at any stage prior to saving the file to AVI

1. click and hold Text Label
2. drag it across the image and release the mouse
3. the Txt Sticker box appear, either enter your text or click Advanced for more options
4. if you have selected Advanced, enter your text, from the drop down menu select the font, the text colour, a background text colour, a font size, and the formatting (Bold, Italic, Underlined)
5. once complete click OK to close the Advanced Text Sticker Box
6. click OK for the text label to be placed on the image


click on the palette icon to select from the full colour spectrum available

Tip: The Time, Date and Date / Time options are only available during Broadcast mode.

When you are capturing a Yahoo! Messenger WebCam drag the UserName label across and place it on the recording, doing so will automatically insert the Yahoo! Messenger username of the persons web cam.

Adding Symbols works the same way as adding Text Labels
1. click and hold Symbols label
2. drag it across the image and release the mouse
3. the Symbol Sticker box appears
select the Symbol
select the font colour
select the font size
select the formatting (Bold, Italic, Underlined)
4. once complete click OK to close the Symbol Sticker box
the symbol will now appear on your image

click on the palette icon to select from the full colour spectrum available

Image using Text Label, UserName and Symbols


Permanent Stickers

Permanent Stickers are only available during Record Mode.

Preview Own Cam
This is a permanent sticker used in conjunction when viewing and recording Yahoo! Messenger webcams.

Start broadcasting your own webcam over Yahoo Messenger
select the Capture tab from within StickerCam
select your friends Yahoo! Messenger webcam from the sessions list, it will now show in the preview window
select the Special stickers tab
click and hold Preview Own Cam label
drag it across to the image placing it in either of the 4 available corners
(top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right)
release the mouse to place your webcam preview
click Start Record to capture the webcam broadcast

Time, Date, Date / Time

despite being different labels Time, Date, Date / Time are all applied exactly the same way to your broadcast or capture.

NOTE: US/UK date format
The special tab date sticker can now be changed from UK to US format of dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy just run each of these registry files to toggle between:
 US : DateFormatChangeUS.reg
 UK : DateFormatChangeUK.reg
(Simply download and run the above file, at the prompt click 'yes')

These stickers are exellent for accurately embedding the correct date and time of the broadcast into the web cam capture.

1. click and hold the Time or Date or Date / Time label
2. drag it across to the image and release the mouse
3. if the position is not exactly as you would like it simply click and hold the label on the image and drag it into position, release the mouse when you are happy with the placement

Tip: to change the colour of the Date & Time format
drag a Text Label onto the image you are broadcasting
then select from Time, Date or Date / Time
now edit the font, size, colour, format, background
click OK
The label will then be shown on your image

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