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Using the Filters

To Add Filters To Remove Filters

1. select the Filters tab
2. click (and hold) your mouse on the filter name
then drag the filter over the image
4. release

1. right click anywhere on the image
2. select Remove Sticker
3. repeat as often as needed

Filters can be applied either during broadcast (from the Broadcast tab), or (from the Capture tab) when capturing a webcam or when editing a saved web cam session.

original image

grey scale

Black & White







You can use individual filters, apply multiple or mix and match filter combinations to achieve your desired result and they can all be removed at any stage prior to saving as an AVI file.

combination of 2 filters - Grey Scale (applied once) and Darken (applied 3 times)

original image

then apply filter Grey Scale

lastly apply filter darken x3

combination of 2 filters - Lighten (applied twice) and Grey Scale (applied once)

original image

then apply filter lighten x2

lastly apply filter Grey Scale

Advanced Filter

The Advanced Filter offers a whole range of options worth exploring if your image isn't exactly right, or needs some fine turning, check out the tabs directly below the image previews:

Basic tab provides options for Brightness, Contrast, Colour Saturation and you can Invert Colours

Gamma lets your adjust the Red, Green and Blue values of your image

Fine Tune provides easy access to Red/Green Tint Adjustment, the Black Colour Point and White Colour Point

Presets are great for saving special settings, you can use the 4 already provided or add your own (5. Blue Guy)

1. Sepia

2. Negative

3. Maxed

4. B&W Outline

5. Blue Guy (custom)

Custom Filters are easy to create and add to the Advanced filters tab.
Adjust your image using the default Filters (Grey Scale, B&W, Sharpen, Blur, Lighten, Darken, Emboss, Pixelate) adjust the image using the Advanced Filter settings (Basic, Gamma, Fine Tune) then switch to the Presets tab, use an empty field (or overwrite and existing one) click inside the field name, enter a brief description, click Save, now your custom filter is just a click away.

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