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Uninstall StickerCam

Removing StickerCam is a painless two setp process, firstly head to Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs...

Windows Add Remove Programs icon

Double Click to launch, wait for the list of programs to load, scroll down until you locate WackyB StickerCam....

TIP: The uninstall process is the same for WackyB_StickerCam as it is for the WackyB-StickerCam Sticker packs so while this tutorial walks you through uninstalling WackyB_StickerCam just follow the same instructions for uninstalling each of the Sticker Packs.

Select the item you wish to uninstall e.g. WackyB_StickerCam...

select StickerCam to uninstall

select and click Remove. Click Yes to confirm removal...

confirm removal of WackyB-StickerCam

The progress meter displayed shows what's happening during the removal...

progress meter during uninstall

Once StickerCam has been removed you'll automatically be taken back to Add/Remove programs where it is no longer listed. If you wish to uninstall any Sticker Packs etc, follow the same steps outlined above just select from the installed WackyB Sticker Packs shown as available.

Now for the final step, open Explorer and head to C:\Program Files\WackyB_StickerCam

C:\Program Files\WackyB_StickerCam

Right click the WackyB_StickerCam directory and select Delete, at the Recycle Bin prompt, select Yes

recycle bin prompt

all done :)

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