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Upgrading StickerCam for Registered Users

download the latest version of StickerCamSince v2.0.61 (released 22 April 06) StickerCam has had a version checker included, this allows you to check that you have the latest version of StickerCam currently available, registered users are welcome to download the latest version and upgrade all minor versions free of charge, see Our Upgrade Policy for more information.

NOTE: You do no have to uninstall previous versions of StickerCam prior to installing the latest version, simply download and run in the StickerCam installer again.

StickerCam will remain as a fully registered version on your computer after the upgrade.

TIP: As a registered user:
If you are doing a minor upgrade (e.g. version 2.3.19 to version 2.3.28) you only need to get the "Trial version" from our download page which will upgrade your main program to the latest available without reinstalling the demos and stickers packs (which you no doubt have already installed from prior versions) but you are of course welcome to get the full "Combined Download" of StickerCam (which contains the trial version of StickerCam, sample Sticker Pack, Plugins Pack + Demo) if you would like to :)

If you are doing a Major upgrade (e.g. version 2.3.19 to version 3.2.41 released 23 December 06) we recommend you get the full "Combined Download" from our download page as this come with all the new features AND plugins. During the install procedure you can select NOT to install the Demo / Sticker Pack (as this would have been installed with previous versions) if you would like to.

The tutorial below will take you through the steps of the Combined Download:

If StickerCam is currently running, save any open work and exit the program
Locate the installer, then double click the .exe file to launch

Make sure you see OK beside System Checks Completed
TIP: You need only install the Sticker Pack if you have deleted stickers that you wish to have available again.
If this is your first upgrade to version 3 you will need to select the install the Plugin Pack
Once you have made your selection, click Proceed to continue with the upgrade

You may briefly see this screen before it is replaced....

with the Setup Wizard...

Select Repair WackyB StickerCam, this will upgrade your current version
click Finish

The installation process will now begin....

When it's finished you will see a Installation Complete notice...

The StickerCam has now been upgraded, click Close to begin the installation of Sticker Packs and Plugins (if selected earlier)

Click OK to start...

see Installing Sticker Packs for full details with screenshots

When the Stickers / Demo Pack has finished, you will see a Installation Complete notice...

Click Close to begin the installation of Plugins (if selected earlier)
as above, click OK to start and Close once complete.

You will then be prompted to click OK to start StickerCam or Cancel to start at a later stage

TIP: For more information about any new features included please see Latest New or News & Updates at our support forum.

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