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Registered Users Ticket Support System

When you purchase StickerCam your registration email contains not only your Software Key and download location for the registered users Sticker Pack, it also contains your Login details for accessing our Registered Users Ticket Support System...

sample registration email

Thank you again for your support.


If you have any problems registering please contact us via the support section of our website as a registered user you have access to the ticket support section

Your support ticket login details are:

Login: beewackybnz
Password: xxxxxxxxxxxx (the same as your software code the first time you register)

Please note your Username is NOT your email address as such, it's your registered users name which has all the typical email symbols stripped out eg.

bee@wackyb.co.nz becomes beewackybconz
simon@bobs.com would have a login of simonbobscom
plonkersunite@yahoo.co.uk would have a login of plonkersuniteyahoocouk

Your password is your software registration code.

Head to http://www.stickercam.com/tickets/index.php and Login with your Username and Password

Once inside the support center you will quickly become familiar with the setup and ease of use. To generate a new support ticket click on "New Ticket", fill out the fields, select a department and an urgency, upload any screenshots and then click on Submit.

For us to try and replicate any problem you maybe facing it's vital we know exactly how the problem occurred so please provide information about your computer setup (Operating System, RAM, hard drive space etc) what version of Yahoo! Messenger you're using, the version of StickerCam currently installed and if possible detailed step by step instructions for us so that we can try to reproduce the problem ourselves. If we cannot replicate the problem, then it's highly unlikely that we can fix it :(

We receive instant email notification when you submit a ticket but please be aware that we are based in New Zealand (GMT +12) so more often than not our day is your night and vice versa, as such, it may take up to 24 hours to get a response from us as. Feel free to use and browse our forum while while you are waiting, but rest assured we will get back to you as soon as humanly possible :)

You can track the progress of your ticket via the "Open Tickets" link, once inside simply click on the Ticket ID of the request you made.....

You'll see the history of that ticket, if there has been any responses (these will be visible to the right of the screen listed under your original ticket submission "Dialog question"), you can also (left hand side of your screen) amend or add further information or screenshots to your ticket.

Please note you don't need to keep logging into the Ticket Support System to check for a reply as you will receive immediate email notification once your ticket has been addressed so keep an eye on your inbox :)

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Registered Users Ticket Support System
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