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How to Register StickerCam with your Software Key

additonal notes NOTE: if you haven't completed the payment process yet you can do so here

Launch StickerCam Head via Start > All Programs > WackyB-StickerCam and click...

icon for launching StickerCam

You'll be presented with the Trial version notice for registration and the StickerCam splash screen...

open your Purchase/Registration email, it will contain the following information...

sample registration email

To: bee@bee.geek.nz
From: thankyou@stickercam.com

Subject: WackyB-StickerCam Order/Software Code

Dear Bee,

Thank you for registering WackyB-StickerCam, your registration key is listed below.

Software Code: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Item: 1 Description : WackyB-StickerCam

To activate your copy enter your E-mail (the same used for payment) and software code at the registration screen and press the 'Activate' button

Copy your email address and paste it in the E-Mail field (it must be the address used to purchase StickerCam)
Now Copy the Software Code and paste it in the Software Key field. Click continue...

For the registration process to complete (and for capturing Yahoo! Messenger webcams) you need to grant WackyB-StickerCam internet access. You MUST configure your firewall to allow access, failure to configure your firewall to allow StickerCam access will cause registration to fail.

Click OK to proceed. Once registration is complete you will see...
Thanx for Registering StickerCam

and the splash screen will reflect that you are now a registered user...

If your splash screen fails to reflect your newly registered status simply exit StickerCam and relaunch :)

IMPORTANT! You can activate WackyB-StickerCam on one machine at a time for personal use.
You may need to re-activate StickerCam again if your computer undergoes with some major system changes; You can do this upto 5 times. Activating with the same software key on multiple machines will disable earlier activations. If you do require installation on a secondary pc for personal use please contact us.

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