Sticker Maker

Sticker Maker is a new utility and part of the StickerCam family. You can use Sticker Maker to create your own stickers for use in StickerCam!

Create stickers and share them with your friends. Sticker Maker is FREE to all users of StickerCam.

Sticker Maker is a powerful utility capable of converting most popular file types in to Stickers ready for use in StickerCam. Convert your company logo for use in web conferences, possibilities are endless!

  • Easy drag'n'drop interface
  • Sliders to control scale/zoom
  • Scroll bars to control positioning
  • Preview lets you see how your new sticker will display in StickerCam
  • Drag'n'drop multiple images to batch convert a whole library of images!

You can convert most popular image file formats including animated GIF files. With animated GIF files you can quickly create new animated stickers in StickerCam.

You can download Sticker Maker here:


StickerMaker.exe (260kb)


Run the installer and open Sticker Maker from the following location:

C:\Program Files\StickerCam_Sticker_Maker\StickerCam_StickerMaker\Sticker_Converter.exe

Once you start the program you will see the following display:

The best way to learn how to use Sticker Maker is to explore yourself, we have included a number of sample animated GIF files with the installer so you can open and play with these right away to discover how easy it is to use.

We have created screen casts to help demonstrate Sticker Makers use and how to use the converted stickers you have just made in StickerCam.

Creating and converting stickers

Copying stickers to StickerCam for use.

The following screen shots demonstrate some of the functions Sticker Maker has to offer.


Using the Open Image button you can browse for your image file, or simply drag the file file in to Sticker Maker. You can also use the paste Image button to use a image copied from the clipboard (E.g. Paint program).


Use the sliders to resize your image. Tick the Resize both box (corner of resize sliders) to ensure your image resizes in both directions.


Untick the Resize both box to distort your image. There are two methods of resize and a High Quality option. Experiment with the options to discover what suits your image best.


When you select your sticker as a background type (background stickers can not be moved in StickerCam) you can use the scroll bars to position where you want your sticker to display in the webcam window (Webcam window indicated by the dotted line box).


If you position your background sticker outside the webcam window size, the image will be cropped as shown.


When you resize normal stickers larger than the webcam window the same cropping will occur, you can control the area to be cropped using the scroll bars. (If your image fits within the webcam window the scroll bars will be disabled)


When you are ready to go ahead and create your new sticker hit the Preview button to see how your sticker will look in StickerCam. When you are happy with the result simply click Convert and Save and you are done!


The preview window lets you see your sticker and any animations as it will look in the StickerCam application.


The preview window lets you change the animation speed along with the background viewing options. Choose a background colour or select one of the views.


Muti-Drop lets you convert multiple images in to StickerCam stickers at once. This is great if you have a number of images that you want to convert all the same way. Simply open all the images using the Open Images button; or drag'n'drop all the images in to the file list box.


When the multiple image files are listed, you can click a file name from the list to view the image in the preview window.


Batch converting progress is displayed once you hit the GO button.

Don't forget you can view a screen cast demonstration of Sticker Maker and how to copy the stickers in to StickerCam for use on your webcam.

Creating and converting stickers

Copying stickers to StickerCam for use.

You can download Sticker Maker here:


StickerMaker.exe (260kb)


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