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Privacy Guard

Privacy Guard is a screen saver for your webcam, it works just like a traditional desktop screen saver and starts up after a pre set time, blocking your webcam image and replacing it with a standard screen saver you select!
If you have ever walked out the room or been distracted and forgot your webcam was on? avoid the embarrassing moments caused by forgetting your cam is running! Privacy guard can be set to respond to mouse movement to deactivate (and restore your live webcam) or with special plugins you can actually have privacy guard start when there is no movement on your webcam (keep those viewers entertained with a screen saver rather than a static image :)

NOTE: Privacy Guard is included in all releases of StickerCam from version 3.4.67 (17 January 07) and above.

Setting up Privacy Guard in StickerCam

Selecting Privacy Guard
Select the Broadcast tab
Select the Broadcast menu
now click on Setup Privacy Guard (Webcam Screen Saver)

Selecting Your Screensaver

you will now see the Privacy Guard configuration window

select the Screensaver you wish to use from the drop down list
if it's compatible with your webcam you will see the animation in the preview window

Adding / Removing Text
Registered users are able to remove or change the default text broadcast while the screensaver is active

default text can be removed by registering StickerCam
custom text

click on the Change Text button

enter the text you wish to appear on your screensaver broadcast
click OK

TIP: if you don't want any text displayed, simply clear the exisiting text from the field and click OK

You will now see the text appear in the preview window with the selected screen saver

Activation (timer) Settings
There are two activation settings available, you can select from either to Active the web cam screensaver

Activate when idle for more than # minute(s)
If you select this setting, your webcam screensaver will kick in when it detects no keyboard activity for a designated number of minutes.

Activate when no webcam activity for more than # minute(s)
If you select this setting, your webcam screensaver will kick in when no webcam motion is detected.
NOTE: see Alarm (motion detection) Plugin which is required for this option.

TIP: If you don't wish to use a webcam screensaver then make sure both options (mentioned above) remain unchecked.

select the check box beside the Activation you wish to use
now select the designated number of minutes (for either), to do this use the up and down arrows to the right of each option. You will notice the # of minutes will increase / decrease as you scroll through the minutes available (1 minute minimum - 120 minutes maximum)

Now click OK and your Privacy Guard is now setup and ready for use.

When Privacy Guard is running you are notified via the StickerCam preview window...

To quickly activate Privacy Guard hover you mouse in the top left corner of your desktop

Keyboard Shortcuts Settings on / off
Frame Rate Quality of Capture / Broadcast
Privacy Guard Alarm (motion detection) Plugin
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