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Alarm (Motion Detection) Plugin

The Alarm (motion detection) plugin, which is currently in beta, lets you turn StickerCam into a home security system recording any movement in front of your web cam or viewed cam! For this example we are going to take you through setting up your own webcam.

1. select your webcam from the Input Source drop down menu
2. Select the Plugin tab
3. Drag the Alarm Plugin onto the image preview area
4. Right click the image area a new menu will appear
from that menu select Plugin Settings, then select Setup Controls

Now work your way through the Alarm Setup preferences

Sensitivity - this allows you to set how sensitive the plugin is to movement. Less will decrease the sensitivity meaning a much greater movement is required while if you move the slider towards More it will detect even the slightest movement / changes.

Trigger Amount - this setting dicates at which point StickerCam will start recording or play a sound alert. You can have your sensitivity level set to high so alot of movement is seen yet your Trigger Amount set to low which means a far greater movement will need to be detected before recording or a sound alert is triggered.

Adjust both the Sensitivity and Trigger Amount sliders to suit the area being monitored, taking into account natural light, breeze, shadows, weather, trees, curtains, traffic and general conditions of the area. A good place to start is with your Trigger Amount slider set slightly above the Sensitivity level (as shown in the graphic to the right).

Show Area of Movement on Image - When this setting is enabled you can actually see the area of movement being detected as it is represented by "dots" on the image. The greater the sensitivity the more dots are displayed.

Sound 'Beep' On Movement - this will sound an alert when movement is detected by the Trigger Amount setting.

Start Recording On Movement - this setting lets you decide if you want StickerCam to start recording when movement is detected.

Stop Recording After # Frames Of No Movement - StickerCam will continue to capture and record the webcam as long as movement is detected, the Stop Recording After #... slider lets you dictate how many frames of no movement will also be recorded once movement is no longer detected. If it is set to 0 no still frames will be recorded, if it's set to Don't Stop StickerCam will record all frames regardless of movement.

Once you have completed all the Alarm Setup Preferences (as shown above), click on OK.

TIP: if you need more plugin information see our tutorials Plugins and also Installing Plugins.
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