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Launch StickerCam Unregistered Version

To launch StickerCam head to Start > All Programs > WackyB-StickerCam

icon for launching StickerCam

You'll be presented with the Trial version notice for registration (not shown in the registered version) and the StickerCam splash screen...

The notice lets you know how many days of your trial are remaining and how many times StickerCam has run, if you don't wish to purchase StickerCam at this stage, click Continue Trial (not shown in the registered version)...

You'll another window pop up (not shown in the registered version)....
Notice consider registering StickerCam
Click OK to proceed...

You'll be left with the StickerCam splash screen as it starts to load...

Once ready you will see the main StickerCam program :)

Have fun and if you enjoy using StickerCam, please consider purchasing the program :)

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