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Installing StickerCam (version 3.2.41)

Locate the StickerCam demo download file (WackyB-StickerCam_v3_demo.exe), if you haven't already downloaded it you can grab it here

Double click the exe file to launch, you'll see the pre-installation check....
if any of the checks fails please follow the instructions that will appear to address the issues found.

Once resolved, or if no issues where detected and this is your first install of StickerCam we strongly recommend that you select to install all the available packages shown:
WackyB-StickerCam - is the main program file
Demo/Sticker Pack - provides you with basic demo file but most importantly the Stickers!
Plugin Pack - this pack will provide you with loads of new filters, see our Plugins Tutorial

once selected, click Proceed to continue to the next step...

next, you will be presented with the Welcome screen and Setup Wizard... StickerCam installation Welcome screen

click Next, you'll see the License Agreement, please read this carefully ...

StickerCam License Agreement

If you accept the terms of the License Agreement, click "I Agree", then click Next.

The destination folder for the installation is the next screen you'll see. We highly recommend you leave this at the default location C:\Program Files\WackyB_StickerCam\ but if you choose to change this directory please remember you will need to install all your Sticker Packs and Plugins to the same directory you opted to install StickerCam to, if you fail to do so your stickers and plugins wont work (see Installing Sticker Packs for this step)

select your Destination folder for StickerCam

Once you are satisfied with the destination directory, click Next, you will now see the Confirm Installation screen...

confirm your installation of StickerCam

If you wish to cancel the installation do so now, if you wish to change the destination directory click Previous, if you are happy to proceed click Next and StickerCam will begin installation...

StickerCam install progress screen...

After installation is complete you'll see more StickerCam information...

information relating to StickerCam

Please read this, then click Next, you'll be presented with the final screen notifying you the installation is now complete, click Close to complete the process.

installation of StickerCam complete

The StickerCam has now been installed, click Close to begin the installation of Sticker Packs and Plugins.

You will now see the Install notice (as shown below) click OK to start Installing the Demo/Sticker Packs...

see Installing Sticker Packs for full details with screenshots or if you have download the StickerPack separately

When the Stickers / Demo Pack has finished, you will see a Installation Complete notice...
Click Close.

To begin the installation of the Plugins Pack, click OK to start

see Installing Plugins for full details with screenshots or if you have download the Plugin Pack separately

When the StickerCam Plugin Pack has finished, you will see a Installation Complete notice...
Click Close

You will now be prompted to click OK to start StickerCam or Cancel to start it at a later stage

TIP: For more information about any new features included please see Latest New or News & Updates at our support forum or check out our Tutorials Section.

If you already have the Sticker Packs installed head to Start > All Programs > WackyB-StickerCam to launch the program or see Launching StickerCam for a step by step walk through

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