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Installing StickerCam Plugins

Locate the StickerCam Plugin Pack that you downloaded earlier (in this case it's WackyB-Plugin_Pack1.msi) if you haven't already downloaded the Plugin Pack you can grab it here

Double click the msi file to launch, you will be presented with the StickerCam Plugin Pack1 wizard,
click Next to proceed

The destination folder for the Plugins is the default C:\Program Files\WackyB_StickerCam\ directory that StickerCam is installed to, if during installation of StickerCam you selected a different directory you must select that as the installation directory for your Plugins also. Once you are satisfied with the destination directory, click Next...

If you wish to cancel the installation of the Plugin Pack you can do so now, if you wish to change the destination directory click Previous, if you are happy to proceed click Next...

The Plugin Pack will start to install...

After installation is complete you'll see the Installation Complete screen, click Close to complete the process.

You should now see a range of titles under your Plugin category tab

TIP: see our Plugin Tutorial for more information or DOWNLOADS: StickerCam Plugins for more plugins

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