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Using StickerCam to Capture Windows Live Messenger web cams

Recording Windows Live™ Messenger Web Cams with StickerCam

Launch StickerCam
Launch and login to your Windows Live Messenger, start an IM session with a friend, view your Contacts WebCam
Resize the web cam to suit

Switch to StickerCam, click on the Broadcast tab,
select Screen Capture, from the dialog box that comes up select Capture Area...

drag the capture window over the Windows Live Messenger webcam image
resize the Capture window to suit
click OK when you are happy with the recording area...

NOTE: The Capture area must be kept free and clear of all windows, folders etc, StickerCam needs to have full and unrestricted access to the area designated.

You should now see the Windows Live Messenger webcam inside the StickerCam broadcast tab
adjust the frame rate (directly below the Screen Capture button) if desired
click Start Record to begin capturing the Windows Live Messenger webcam image...

When you wish to stop your capture click Stop Record
from the WebCam Closed dialog box click on No to save your web cam recording for editing at a later stage, at which point you can remove frames, add filters, graphics, borders, animations, text etc...

Click the Capture tab
scroll down the capture cams list until you locate your recording
click to select, it will now show in the main window
click Open For Edit

Stickers, Filters etc for help with adding or editing Stickers, animations, text, borders, filters etc, or
Editing Stored Webcam Sessions for removing frames, changing frame rate etc or
Saving captured webcam session to avi

StickerCam.com is not associated, affiliated nor endorsed by Microsoft Corp.
Don't have Windows Live™ Messenger ? download it here.

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