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Configuring Skype for Broadcasting Stickercam

Setting up Skype™ to broadcast StickerCam

Setting up StickerCam to broadcast over Skype is incredibly simple...

Launch and login to your Skype account
From Tools menu> select Options

From the Skype Options window that opens
1. select Video

from the Video Options...
2. click Enable Skype Video

3. from the Select WebCam drop down menu select WackyB-StickerCam

4. click on Test WebCam

a WebCam Test window will open, you should now see your selected StickerCam broadcast or still frame image currently showing in StickerCam
5. click Close

Focus will now return to the Skype Options window
6. click on Save

Now you're ready to start broadcasting your own webcam with or without stickers, filters, animations, borders and backgrounds or you start to broadcast any AVI file, another webcam you are currently viewing or a range of images of your choosing!

StickerCam.com is not associated, affiliated nor endorsed by Skype Limited.
Don't have Skype™? download it here.

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