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Capturing & Recording Camfrog webcams

How to Automatically Capture and Record Camfrog web cams

As with capturing & recording Yahoo! Messenger webcams and capturing & recording Skype webcams, StickerCam is will automatically list, for easy one click recording, any Camfrog web cam that you are currently viewing.

You will find all the Camfrog webcams you are currently viewing available in the webcams session list, Camfrog webcams are easily identified as are listed by as Camfrog-username

from the screenshot above you can see that in this particular instance we are viewing a Yahoo! Messenger webcam bee geek nz, a Skype webcam Skype-stickercam and we are also viewing and recording a Camfrog webcam, Camfrog-ibreak4u but you are by no means limited to just viewing, capturing or recording one webcam as StickerCam allows you to record as many webcams as you like!

Start Recording your Camfrog webcam session:
Launch StickerCam and switch to the Capture tab
If you haven't already done so, start an IM session with your Camfrog buddy, request to view their webcam

once they have accepted the request, you will see their Camfrog username appear in the webcam session list with a blue house icon to the left of it. In this instance the webcam we are about to record is
Camfrog-ibreak4u but you can also tell from our session that we are viewing 2 other webcams, Skype-stickercam and bee geek nz which is a currently active Yahoo! Messenger webcam session.

Remember that:
represents saved webcam sessions, meaning you have previously captured a webcam session from that user

indicates that you are currently recording that persons webcam

shows currently active webcams that you are viewing.
TIP: For more information see our Webcam sessions list Tutorial

Once you are ready to capture the webcam,
click on the Start Record button, you will notice the icon changes from a blue house to a green house
which means that you are currently recording this session but remember you can record as many active sessions as you like and not just Camfrog webcams :)

When you wish to stop your capture click the Stop Record button

from the WebCam Closed dialog box click on No to save your web cam recording for editing at a later stage,
at which point you can remove frames, add filters, graphics, borders, animations, text etc...

TIP: see Editing stored webcam sessions for more information or Stickers, Labels, Filters if you wish to add Stickers, filters or effects to your capture or recording.

StickerCam.com is not associated, affiliated nor endorsed by Camshare LLC.
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