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Webcam sessions list

Previously captured web cams are stored and available from the Capture tab...


Under the User Name column you will notice "houses" to the left of each, these represent the status of the sessions you have recorded, are recording, or are available to record.

represents saved webcam sessions, meaning you have previously captured a webcam session from that user

indicates that you are currently recording that persons webcam

shows currently active webcams that you are viewing

If the text is black this indicates it's another users webcam
If the text orange text it's your own webcam, if you have it running.

NOTE: Rename Saved Webcams - From v3+ you can now give all your saved webcams a user friendly name for you to recognize and remember more easily, just click a selected webcam in the list, click the current user name field (the same way you would a file in windows explorer) you can now edit the field with a user friendly name, click off the field to save.

Date/Time shows the date of capture / recording or current date if you are viewing web cams.

Frames indicates how many individual frames have been recorded/stored for each session. As you are recording a cam you will notice the number displayed increase, if you are Editing a Stored Webcam Sessions and remove sections you will notice the frames decrease.

Preview column....

shows which active cams are visible in the Thumbnail Preview Window

see Thumbnail Preview Window for more information

This is only relevant to currently viewed / recording web cam sessions, previously captured sessions are not available in preview and will show N/A under the Preview columm.

Delay lets you know if enable buffer delay is active for the cam you are recording. see Recording Web Cams for more information.

TIP: Sort Columns now available in v3+ click column headings ( Username, Date/ Time, Frames, Preview, Delay) to sort by column for easy location of sessions or Drag'n'drop column headings to rearrange. NOTE: this is not saved between StickerCam sessions so when you exit StickerCam the next time you restart it the default column sorting / order will revert back to the default.

Show Only Active Webcams in List...

If your webcam sessions list is looking a bit crowded with previously saved sessions and you're not ready to edit/delete these yet then you can free up some visual space by heading to Options then selecting Show Only Active Webcams in List, this hides the previously saved web cam sessions so only currently viewed and recorded webcams are available.

After capturing the webcam session you can now Edit your Stored Webcam Sessions and add Stickers, Labels, Filters if you would like to.

Deleting Sessions
Webcam session captures can take up quite a bit of disk space so go through your session list often to remove previously recorded webcam captures

right click the session you wish to remove and select Delete this Saved webcam

click the title /name of the session you wish to remove and use keyboard shortcut: Shift+Del
which will delete the selected webcam session

click the title /name of the session you wish to delete, select File > Delete current Saved Webcam

Capture, Edit, Save
Webcam sessions list Thumbnail preview window
Recording webcams Editing stored webcam sessions
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