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Saving captured webcam session to AVI

After capturing a webcam you are prompted to Save to AVI or keep the capture video for editing at a later stage.

Do you want to save to AVI video file now?
If you select Yes, the captured frames will immediately be saved to an AVI file. You cannot edit the AVI file after saving, e.g. you cannot place stickers or backgrounds, those must be applied prior to saving as an avi file.

By default the save location for your StickerCam AVI files is to your My Documents folder but always you can navigate to any directory or folder of your choice. You may also edit the file name, once you are satisfied with the location and file name simply hit Save.

Video Compression

You will then be prompted to select the desired video compression.

We recommend using xvid mpeg-4 codec
Homepage: http://www.xvidmovies.com/codec/
but it's a personal preference and entirely your choice :)

Remember the quality of your AVI will depend heavily on the codec you opted for and the subsquent settings it has by default or otherwise.

NOTE: We do not offer codec support so please see your selected codec website for further information about settings, preferences and codec installation issues.


During the conversation and Save to AVI you will see the progress bar across the bottom of the preview window

After saving the AVI you will be presented with the following...

Do you want to keep the temporary captured files?
Before you decide to delete the temporary files captured, head to the directory where you saved your AVI and give it a quick run through, check the quality etc.

1. If you're happy with the AVI results then select No, this will remove all the temporary files used.
TIP: If you are running low on disk space we strongly recommended deleting the temporary captured files as capturing video consumes an awful lot of disk space.

2. If you would like to resave the AVI or create a duplicate (perhaps with or without Stickers) then select Yes to keep the temporary files so that you can edit or resave the session at a later stage.
TIP: see Editing Stored Webcam Sessions and also our Stickers, Labels, Filters Tutorials. If you are keeping the temporary files due to an unsatisfactory conversion to AVI try saving the with different codec quality settings or selected another codec from the drop down menu.

Saving from Stored Web Cam Sessions
If you have finished Editing the Stored Webcam Session, have added Stickers, Labels, Filters and now wish to Save to AVI...

NOTE: Frame Rate: the frame rate is important as this dicates how slow or fast your AVI will play once saved. If you unsure what frame rate is best adjust the frame rate then click Play to see how this impacts on the speed of your capture.

you can Adjust the frame rate via the the slider:
click on the current frame rate (number) and hold,
now drag the slider:
(to increase the rate)
or down (to decrease the speed)

you can also access and adjust the frame rate from the Playback menu...

for more information see our Frame Rate Tutorial

once you have set the frame rate you can start saving your web cam recording to an AVI file.

Saving to AVI
select the Capture tab
2. select the webcam you wish to save from the UserName list
3. click the Open for Edit button on the preview window

Once you have clicked the Open for Edit button you will notice the
Recording tool bar is replaced with the Playback / Edit tool bar which has a Save to AVI button.

just click on the Save to AVI button to start saving

As with other methods of Saving to AVI, you will be prompted to keep or remove the temporary files
select YES if you wish to keep the files for editing or saving again
select NO to delete the captured files

you also have the options available to Save to AVI with Stickers or Without.
click on Playback
select from Save to AVI WITH Stickers or Save to AVI WITHOUT Stickers

again you will be prompted to keep or remove the temporary files
select YES if you wish to keep the files for editing or saving again (perhaps with or without stickers this time)
select NO to delete the captured files

TIP: If you have added / removed Stickers or Filters, or edited your webcam session in some way, and you have elected to save the temporary files for using at a later stage, remember to save the changes made to your captured session before you exit StickerCam if you wish to retain the edits/changes made.

File > Save Changes to Current Saved Webcam

with Stickers...
...or without

TIP: If you need help or more information regarding editing previously captured webcams see our Stored Webcam Sessions Tutorial

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