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Recording webcams

recording someone's webcam (or your own) couldn't be easier
select their username from the list of webcams available
hit start record
(or simply double click their cam preview from the thumbnail preview window)
the username of the persons cam being captured is displayed (as shown above in blue, in the instance above it was own webcam)
as the cam is being captured you will notice the number displayed to the right of frames increase
to pause capturing, hit pause, the blue progress line will flash
to restart the capture again and continue with that session re-click the pause button
to stop recording and end the session hit stop record

at the end of the capture session you will be prompted to yes save as an avi, or no, save to edit at a later stage

yes saves the sessions immediately to an avi file (see saving captured webcam session to avi for more detailed instructions)

no saves the entire session for editing at a later stage. the session will then be stored in the webcam sessions list with the icon beside the user name, the information relating to the date and time of the capture, number of frames captured etc will also be available in the list. (see editing stored webcam sessions for more detailed instructions on editing saved sessions)

frame rate

- if show in preview window is enabled a preview of that persons webcam is visible is the thumbnail preview window
- enable buffer delay buffers up to 36 frames prior to hitting start record or restarting from pause

TIP: also see Manual Capture

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