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Thumbnail Preview Window

The Preview column (available from the Webcam Sessions List) shows which webcams are currently being shown in the Thumbnail Preview Window.

Under the Preview column:

YES indicates that a thumbnail preview is visible for that user.

NO indicates that the thumbnail preview has been disabled for this user.

N/A shows that the Preview option is not available. Previews are only relevant to currently viewed / recording web cam sessions, previously captured sessions are not available in preview and will show as N/A.

Below is a typical thumbnail preview window.

this is made up from the following Capture tab information....

If at any stage you are unsure which webcam preview belongs to whom simply place your mouse over the thumbnail preview window in question... and the username appears



The left side of the preview window shows the Thumbnail Preview Tool and to the right are the webcams you are currently viewing (not necessarily recording).

bee gee nz
Own WebCam

By default the Thumbnail Preview Window sits top left of your screen but you can easily reposition this.
Click (and hold) the Thumbnail Preview Tool icon (bee), drag into the desired position then release.
NOTE: The Thumbnail Preview Tool icon will disappear after approx 10 seconds, simply mouseover the webcam preview windows to re-enable.

If you right click the thumbnail preview tool it will toggle between making the thumbnail preview windows semi-transparent

Transparency Off Transparency On

Resize the Thumbnail Preview Window
You can easily resize the thumbnails previews, simply click the Up and Down arrows (bottom right of the thumbnail preview tool) for the desired size.
The Up arrow shrinks / decreases the size of the thumbnails
The Down arrow enlarges the previews

Close the Thumbnail Preview Window
If at any stage you wish to close the thumbnail preview window, just click the red x top left of the Thumbnail Preview Tool icon.
To renable, click on Options then select Show thumbnail Preview Window or keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+T

To select which webcams are shown in the thumbnail preview window...
You don't have to have all the web cams that you are currently viewing or recording showing in the Thumbnail Preview Windows, these can quickly be enabled / disabled on a user by user basis. e.g. you may have a combination of 7 currently viewing or recording webcams available but you only wish to have two of these showing in the thumbnail Preview Window.

select the UserName of the persons web cam you wish to have visible (or remove) from the thumbnail preview window
click the box to the left of Show in Preview Window to enable (or uncheck to remove the webcam preview)

If the option to Show in the Preview Window is not selected NO will show in Preview column

NOTE: Minimizing the Yahoo! Messenger webcam window/s will remove the cams from the thumbnail preview window, if you wish to have these available in the thumbnail preview window
switch to the Yahoo! Messenger webcam display window
click on Webcam
deselect Always On Top (the tick to the left of it will be removed)
then let the window naturally fall out of focus (WITHOUT minimizing)
this will cause the Yahoo! Messenger display window to go behind other windows yet still be available in the thumbnail preview window.

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