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Editing stored webcam sessions

Previously captured web cams and recordings are stored and available from the Capture tab...

Editing a captured webcam...
click the name / title of the recording you would like to edit (as shown above), the session will show in the preview window (showing the first frame captured), click on Open for Edit to load the session for editing...

Once you have clicked the Open for Edit button you will notice the Recording tool bar...

is replaced with the Playback / Edit tool bar...

which has 1. Session capture name and date shown in blue text 2. Play 3. Save to AVI
4. a frame slider 5. frame rate selector

1. Session capture name and date, this is the original file name given at capture including the date of the capture

2. Play allows you to run through the entire capture.

as the slider progresses you will also notice at the bottom of the window the Last Frame Displayed
is updated to show the current frame number being shown

Once Play has been clicked it will change to a Stop button, this allows you to halt the playback at any stage

you can use your keyboard arrow keys to navigate back <--- or forward --> frame by frame if you wish. To resume fully automated playback just click the Play button again.

3. see our Save to AVI tutorial for more information.

4. Frame Slider - the slider indicates the playback position for the capture, the slider will move as the recording plays through. You can drag the slider into any desired position, just click, hold and drag backwards or forwards or you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate back <--- or forward --> frame by frame.

as the slider is nudged forward (or back) you will also notice at the bottom left of the window
the Current Frame Number is updated in real time

5. Frame Rate selector - this setting dictates the speed of the playback, you can Adjust the frame rate via the the slider:
click on the current frame rate (number) and hold
now drag the slider:
(to increase the rate)
or down (to decrease the speed)

or via Playback > Playback Frame Rate > select fps
for more information see our Frame Rate Tutorial

Once you have played through your capture you can add (or remove) Stickers or Filters etc (for the full range of options see Stickers, Labels, Filters) add existing Quick Themes or you can remove any unwanted frames.

Removing / Deleting Frames
You can quickly delete single frames, simply locate the frame you wish to remove, click Playback, select Delete Frames, select Delete Current Frame

at the deletion prompt click OK

to delete a range of frames you need to set two points, the start of the range to delete and the end of the range to delete to.

Drag the slider to the start of the range, click on Playback, now select Mark Range Start, now drag the slider to the last frame to delete, click Playback, select Mark End Range

you can also set the Start and End ranges by dragging the slider then right clicking the position
and selecting from Mark Range Start or Mark Range End...

once the Start and End ranges have been set you will notice they are marked out on the progress bar meter

to delete the full range of frames (as selected by the range markers)
click on Playback, select Delete Frames, click on Delete Selected Range of Frames

at the confirmation prompt click OK to proceed

the frames captured changes to reflect the removal of the unwanted frames...

TIP: If after adding or removing Stickers or Filters, you are still not quite ready to Save to AVI, remember to save the changes made to your captured session before you exit StickerCam.

File > Save Changes to Current Saved Webcam

keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+S will Save Changes to Current Save WebCam

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