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Zoom & Pan

Launch StickerCam, switch to the broadcast tab

Zoom & Pan are great for not only webcams and AVI's but also static images as well,
you'll find the best results for maximum zoom with high resolution graphics
Default Setup
zoom & pan controls

default position and settings for zoom and pan
image preview
Use the Zoom slider (as shown in the graphic to the left) to zoom in on the image

drag the slider (to the right of the Zoom control) down to zoom in on an image / area
click and hold the pink Pan square (inside the zoom tool) and drag into position

click and hold the pink Pan square (in the center of the Zoom tool contoller) and drag it around the box so that you can continue to zoom in on the desired area of the image
continue to adjust the slider and position of the pink square until you have the right position

continue to drag the slider down until you have the right magnification


Your Web Cam AVI's Images
Current Playback / Capture Blank Screen Capture
Zoom Quick Sketch Flip / Invert etc
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