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Broadcasting Your Desktop / Screen Capture

Launch StickerCam, switch to the broadcast tab
select the radio button to the left of Screen Capture

you will see the Screen Capture options menu appear...

Click the Capture Desktop button to broadcast your entire desktop, this and updates to reflect movement, new windows, positions etc

Click and hold the Capture Window button then drag it over to the window you wish to broadcast, then release.
The broadcast will follow the window movement including typing entered into fields etc.

Capture Area is very useful for not only particualr areas or windows, but also for capturing webcams (see Capture Skype WebCams and Capture Windows Live Messenger webcams for more information).

drag the capture window over the area you wish to broadcast
resize the Capture window to suit the area
click OK

You will need to tweak your broadcasting frame rate to suit
To Adjust the Broadcasting Frame Rate
you can adjust the frame rate via the the slider:
click on the current frame rate (number) and hold,
now drag the slider:
(to increase the rate)
or down (to decrease the speed)

for more information see our Frame Rate Tutorial

Your Web Cam AVI's Images
Current Playback / Capture Blank Screen Capture
Zoom Quick Sketch Flip / Invert etc
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