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Broadcasting with Quick Sketch (version 2.3.28+)

From the broadcast tab hit the quick sketch button to toggle drawing controls that let you write directly over your webcam for all to see! Mask colour effects let you get even more creative (create semi-transparent areas). Variable line width, line colour, arrows and eraser along with load and save quick sketch buttons. Everything you draw on the preview window of StickerCam instantly appears on your actual webcam (Yahoo Messenger, MSN Live, etc)

Launch StickerCam, switch to the broadcast tab
click on the Quick Sketch icon (small paint brush icon beside Zoom & Pan area)

From the Quick Sketch Controls Menu you will the options that control Line Colour, FX Mask Colour, the Line Width slider, these 3 settings are used in all the available drawing tools (Sketch, Lines, Arrows and Eraser).

The Clear Sketch button automatically erases your lines, arrows etc and brings you back to a clean default image again.
Save Sketch - StickerCam lets you save one sketch, each "save" automatically overwrites the previous.
Load Saved Sketch - once click access to your last saved sketch

The Colour Options icon lets you select from the basic colours or you can create your own custom colours to suit.


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Zoom Quick Sketch Flip / Invert etc
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