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Broadcasting Current Playback

Launch StickerCam, switch to the Capture tab...

Under the User Name column you will notice "houses" to the left of each, these represent the status of the sessions you have recorded, are recording, or are available to record.

represents saved webcam sessions, meaning you have previously captured a webcam session from that user

indicates that you are currently recording that persons webcam

shows currently active webcams that you are viewing

If the text is black this indicates it's another users webcam
If the text orange text it's your own webcam, if you have it running.

In this example we are going to broadcast "test_plonk" a previously recorded webcam...

but you can also broadcast currently active webcams you are viewing or webcams you are currently recording, simply select the desired stream from the User Name list.

As we are using a pre-recorded webcam session you will now need to click Open for Edit to make the session active...

Click the Play button to start the saved session...

Once the session is playing, switch to the broadcast tab
select the radio button beside Current Playback / Capture
the preview window now shows the previously recorded webcam which is now being broadcast as your own web cam....

You will need to tweak your broadcasting frame rate to suit, you can Adjust the Broadcasting Frame Rate via the the slider:
click on the current frame rate (number) and hold,
now drag the slider:
(to increase the rate)
or down (to decrease the speed)

for more information see our Frame Rate Tutorial

Note: if at any stage you wish to temporarily stop broadcasting simply click the "pause" button

click again to resume

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