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Broadcasting with Flip / Invert etc

Normal, Wake-Up!, Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical and Invert are image settings only available from the broadcast tab.
Launch StickerCam, switch to the broadcast tab

Wake-Up! can be used with a your own broadcasting web cam or any AVI file with the degree of intensity being dictated by the Coffee Level slider...

Coffee Level Low
(slider to the left)
Coffee Level Average
(slider middle position)
Coffee Level High
(slider to the right)

Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical and Invert
can be applied to your web cam broadcast, Videos, Images and Current Playback / Capture.

Select from Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical, Invert or a combination of all.
  Normal Image  
Flip Horizontal Flip Vertical Invert

Your Web Cam AVI's Images
Current Playback / Capture Blank Screen Capture
Zoom Quick Sketch Flip / Invert etc
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