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Broadcasting AVI (video) files

Launch StickerCam, switch to the broadcast tab
If you already have the folder open that contains the AVI file you wish to you, you save yourself some time by just dragging and dropping the file onto the Drop AVI file here button...


you select the radio button beside Video

your My Documents Folder will open
navigate your way to the location of your .AVI file
click on the .avi file name
select Open

you will return to the main StickerCam broadcast window where the AVI will be showing in the preview window

With many high quality AVI files you will notice the frames are similar if not identical, when broadcasting your AVI file over StickerCam you can easily adjust the number of frames shown to reduce the broadcast time.
From the top menu, click on Broadcast, click on AVI Playback, then select the (AVI) frame rate.

This setting should be used in conjunction with the Broacasting Frame Rate

which is different to the AVI frame rate.

To Adjust the Broadcasting Frame Rate
you can adjust the frame rate via the the slider:
click on the current frame rate (number) and hold,
now drag the slider:
(to increase the rate)
or down (to decrease the speed)

for more information see our Frame Rate Tutorial

If at any stage you wish to temporarily stop broadcasting simply click the "pause" button, click again to resume

TIP: if you want your AVI to loop continuously...
Options > Auto Rewind and Repeat on Playback

keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+R will also Auto Rewind and Repeat on Playback

Your Web Cam AVI's Images
Current Playback / Capture Blank Screen Capture
Zoom Quick Sketch Flip / Invert etc
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