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19 May 06
Version 2.3.19 released
Minor update to fix problem some users had with error message "Don't change the date" when first starting WackyB-StickerCam

14 May 06
Version 2.3.18 released
Stickers animate with mouse over (zoom with mouse over must be enabled)
Check for update option in help menu
stickers can be sorted alphabetically
stickers can be re-arranged (right click sticker)
move stickers between tabs (drag'n'drop)
copy stickers to new tab (ctrl+drag'n'drop)
move tab order (shift+drag'n'drop)
copy all stickers from one tab to another (ctrl+drag'n'drop between tabs)
delete tabs
delete stickers (right click menu)
create new tabs
change tab icons and colour
rename tabs
rename stickers
TIP: see Tutorials Stickers and our Tutorial Sticker Categories
added more colour options to text and symbols (click palette icon)
Zoom slider displays zoom value
new XP themes support

new advanced filter added, lets you fully adjust brightness/contrast/gamma/etc of image with a preview
TIP: see Tutorial Filters

Shortcut keys to menu
advanced filter save up to 6 presets e.g. sepia/b&w/etc

1 May 06
Version 2.1.18 released
Recording small size Yahoo Messenger webcams now fixed
Registration Trial period expired early on some machines fixed
Clicking Progress bar in record/stop button now works
Dragging sticker with AutoRewind on playback activated caused error when restarting fixed
Overflow error ('5') fixed on viewing webcam
Thumbnail icons for sticker selection improved quality & display speed:

Stickers Tab control sorted alphabetically (effects some machines only)
Improved Tab control for sticker selection TIP: see Tutorial Sticker Categories

Previous Tab Control

Improved Tab Control

22 April 06
Version 2.0.61 released. Minor bug fixes.
Themes - allow saving and loading of sticker/background sets
Check Now added to ensure you have downloaded the latest version available
Installer update (pre-check for Installer version) Fixes Install error 1723 TIP: see Installation Tutorial

Pre-Installation Check added

For our recent addtions please see Our Latest News & Updates

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