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17 January 07
Version 3.4.67 released
New Features:
Privacy guard - TIP: see Privacy Guard Tutorial
(screen saver for your webcam) From your broadcast menu is the new webcam privacy guard, it works just like a traditional screen saver and starts up after a pre set time, blocking your webcam image and replacing it with a standard screen saver you select!
If you have ever walked out the room or been distracted and forgot your webcam was on? avoid the embarrassing moments caused by forgetting your cam is running!. Privacy guard can be set to respond to mouse movement to deactivate (and restore your live webcam) or with special plugins you can actually have privacy guard start when there is no movement on your webcam (keep those viewers entertained with a screen saver rather than a static image :)

Privacy Guard Setup Window

Live Demo

Record Skype Webcams - Automatic capturing of Skype webcams, just open the video into a separate window and StickerCam will automatically list the user name in the capture tab ready to record!, you can move the webcam window and even resize it, StickerCam will keep track. StickerCam also corrects the distorted image in some versions of Skype (aspect-ratio: image is squashed slightly) TIP: see Skype Capture
Record Camfrog Webcams - As for Skype webcams, every webcam you view is automatically listed in StickerCam's list ready to save. TIP: see Camfrog Capture
Exclusive Screen Capture - Screen capture for broadcast has been updated, drag the selection box over any window (or part of window) and the screen capture will follow the selected window; this means you can drag, reposition and even resize the window you are broadcasting without having to reset the capture box. Exclusive capture mode will even capture the entire selected window when it's dragged off screen or covered by other windows!
Capture Yahoo Messenger Webcams At Any Zoom Size - Yahoo Messenger lets you view webcams at greater than 100% size, StickerCam will capture the image correctly at any zoom size (excludes full screen)
Deleted Webcams Sent To Recycle Bin - When you delete a saved webcam it's sent to your recycle bin, if you hit the wrong button by mistake you can get them back :)
Improved Compatibility - Uses less CPU in applications such as Yahoo Messenger (where high frame rates are not required), Improved compatibility with other web cam applications (Skype, Camfrog, Eyeball Chat, Stickam, YouTube, etc...) Updates:
Date format registry change now works across StickerCam (webcam list/save filename/etc)
Renaming a saved webcam is now the default filename when you save to AVI (by request))
Save to AVI location now defaults to your last chosen location (not My Documents unless you select that))
Animate once stickers now have a purple border in the sticker library (default is orange for repeat animated))
Fixed sometimes blurred image on broadcast using B&W sketch filter)
fps slider on playback sometimes displayed incorrect value)
permanent stickers sometimes left trail behind when moved)
Fixed overflow error with extremely large webcam saves)
minor cosmetic updates :))

2 January 07
Version 3.2.44 released
Minor update + fixed issue saving animated stickers to AVI
Cool NEW plugins available to download FREE (Including realistic flaming text!), check them out on our forum Plug-ins section or from our Plugins Download section.

23 December 06
Version 3.2.41 released
NEW v3 first public release:
Plugin System - TIP: see Plugin Tutorial

A new plug-in system lets you download and use new special effects and filters with StickerCam without having to upgrade StickerCam program each time. New plugins will be made available in the new year, A plugin developers pack will also be available allowing any programmers to add their own image processing and effects to StickerCam extending it's features any way they want. Watch out for the new motion detection plugin coming soon letting you turn StickerCam into a home security system recording any movement in front of your web cam or viewed cam!


Mirror & Zoom effects - TIP: see Mirrors & Zoom Tutorial
New tab lets you quickly apply image transformations such as image flip, zoom (in/out) and mirror, multi image grid, hall of mirrors tunnel effect and more. Combine multiple mirror stickers to build up new effects like Kaleidoscope, fly eyes and more (E.g. Multi Grid splits your webcam image into 4 identical in each corner, add the same sticker again to get 16 identical images in a grid!)



Quick Themes Library - TIP: see Quick Themes Tutorial Combining and layering stickers/filters/plugins and effects is a great way to show off your creativity and build cool looking webcam images, or just plain old functional ones... to save you having to place the same stickers and setup your text labels in the same place each time; V3 includes a new Quick Theme library, Themes are used to save the current layout of all your stickers so you can simply drag'n'drop a theme onto any future webcam to instantly get the same look! Themes can be easily renamed and moved from the Quick Theme tab.

Transparent Stickers - Now you can right click ANY sticker/plugin/filter to reveal a new menu option, setting the transparency at any time during recording or playback. Try adding transparency to background stickers to layer them or produce a softer more subtle effect... semi-transparent filters like pixelate and emboss create a unique look. Transparency settings are also saved and restored with themes you create.

Animate Once Stickers - These animated stickers only animate once and then disappear, great for throwing on a quick emoticon or greeting sticker (keep an eye out for new sticker packs in the new year)

Rename Saved Webcams - You can now give all your saved webcams a user friendly name for you to recognize and remember more easily, just mouse click a selected webcam in the list to rename the same way you would a file in windows explorer.

Quick Sketch - TIP: see Quick Sketch Tutorial Added new lines and arrows for you to draw over your broadcast webcam, Cursor shape also shown as you move your mouse.

Sort Columns - Click column header to sort on Name/date/number of frames, Drag'n'drop column headers to swap (not saved between sessions)

US/UK date format - The special tab date sticker can now be changed from UK to US format of dd/mm/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy just run each of these registry files to toggle between:
 US : DateFormatChangeUS.reg
 UK : DateFormatChangeUK.reg
(Simply download and run the above file, at the prompt click 'yes')

Misc Improvements:

  • Shortcut to delete all stickers - Alt-Backspace on playback removes all stickers
  • Space Bar to scroll sticker tabs - When on the sticker tabs, pressing space will move through the tabs (bringing each to focus in turn). Ctrl-Space moves backwards
  • Zoom over single sticker - Mouse over a single sticker will now zoom (if enabled)
  • Not filtering for some stickers option - You can choose to keep filtering when moving stickers (can be slow on some computers)
  • More feedback in status bar - Mouse over and when done for themes and plugins
  • Stickers animate from the same frames on playback and any position - jumping to another point in playback will correctly show each sticker
Minor updates/fixes:
  • Del key on background stickers did not always remove sticker
  • two symbols in symbol library showed incorrectly
  • Right click sticker on playback when play rewound and repeated sometimes caused error
  • Some advanced filter settings were not correctly saved in themes
  • Renaming animated stickers added 'animated' text to label start
  • Misc interface issues, some user reported overflow errors fixed
+ much much more! Download v3.2.41 of WackyB StickerCam [here...] to check them out for yourself (recommend the combined download which includes all the new features)

16 November 06
Version 2.3.28 released
Quick Sketch - TIP: see Quick Sketch Tutorial
From the broadcast tab hit the quick sketch button to toggle drawing controls that let you write directly over your webcam for all to see! Mask colour effects let you get even more creative (create semi-transparent areas). Variable line width, line colour, eraser, load and save quick sketch buttons. Everything you draw on the preview window of StickerCam instantly appears on your actual webcam (Yahoo Messenger, MSN Live, etc)

(image quality reduced in demo screen shotsfor faster loading)

Tip of the day: You can choose to display a quick tip on startup to help you discover new features of StickerCam you may not have been familiar with. (more tips coming soon!)
Minor updates.

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