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You can

  • Record any number of Yahoo! Messenger Webcams as you view them - Including your own!
    • Decorate them just how you want...
    • It's a great way to remember and keep, or send that special birthday greeting and other special occasions to family/friends when they can't be there with you.
  • Fully automated, just click start/stop. Names appear automatically as webcams are viewed:
    • Pause recording and start again at any time without breaking video into new sessions
    • Or stop recording and create a new session as you wish
  • Save to AVI video file to keep and share:
    • Save the whole web cam session or just a clip
    • Simple editor lets you save only what you want
  • Download sample AVI files:
    Recorded webcam With Stickers               Recorded webcam Without Stickers

    (Note:you will need the XviD codec to view these clips, get it here)

  • Stickers let you get creative when recording your webcams:

    see more effects

    • Give your friends a make over and slap a few accessories around them
    • Drag some sun glasses or a new hat over their Web cam
    • Animated stickers fill up boring spaces with action
    • Save a personalised message by adding text and banners
    • Highlight and annotate features on cam
    • Drag'n'Drop any number of stickers and backgrounds on the same webcam
    • layer and position them any way you want
    • Jazz up boring cams with background stickers that automatically position themselves so you can just drag'n'drop

  • Special stickers add automated effects:
    • Text labels - You choose the colour/font/size
    • Large resizable symbol library
    • Current time and date updated live
    • Add the users name/ID to the image

  • Stickers are peelable:
    • With the exception of some special stickers all stickers can be removed from the recording
    • Stickers are not saved on the image itself but in a separate location
    • This means you don't have to worry where you stick your stickers as you can remove them later
    • You can also edit and add new stickers on playback
    • Even add stickers to a webcam you saved with none
    • StickerCams versatility means you get control, you can change your mind
    • You can save with/without stickers or both
    • Save to AVI with one set of stickers... then start over if you wish and save again

  • Extensive sticker library to choose from:
    • Tabbed categories make finding the sticker you want simple
    • Stickers you can put anywhere and move anywhere
    • Backgrounds stay in one place and position themselves correctly so you don't have to
    • StickerCam capture and playback window both let you place stickers anywhere you like
    • Move stickers around the live webcam image and every position is saved
    • Layer stickers and text to build up the image you want
  • Own cam picture-in-picture:
    • Record your own webcam with any cam you view!
    • Thumbnail sized image with live preview

  • Live thumbnail preview lets you watch webcams without taking up all your screen space leaving you to get on with other things without missing a thing!
  • Buffered record start:
    • See something on a webcam and wished you were recording?
    • StickerCam can constantly monitor the last few seconds of each webcam you view
    • When you hit the start button to begin recording, StickerCam keeps those extra seconds for you
    • With buffered delay enabled you might not have missed it!

A small sample of some of the effects that you can achieve with StickerCam

  • Now you can let your friends see how cool you are with direct support for adding stickers to your broadcast webcam.. it works in most popular messaging programs too! including Yahoo and MSN web cam support.
  • Add stickers just as easily as you do for those you record, the only difference is the changes you make are seen live by anyone you let view your cam.
  • Virtual webcam emulation means you don't even need to have a webcam! (Software cam)
    • Stream AVI video's (including those saved with StickerCam)
    • Show a single image or slideshow a sequence
    • All images and video are automatically scaled for display - Intelligent border colour selection for each image displayed where the image will not fit
  • Use Stickercam to enhance your current webcam
    • High quality zoom and pan exploits the maximum capabilities of your webcam
    • Flip/invert and add special effects from the simple control panel
  • Split a single webcam to use simultaneously in multiple applications. now you can let people view your webcam in Yahoo and MSN at the same time! no more web cam is in use errors
  • Keep a permanent record of your webcam session by recording everything you send


You can use StickerCam in multiple messenger clients at the same time!

Just install and select your webcam as "WackyB-StickerCam" as the video source

NEW: Filters special stickers let you drag them onto your transmitted webcam or any you record
Use just like any other sticker to layer and achieve the effect you want

  • GrayScale - Removes all the colour from any image and stickers below (B&W photo)
  • B&W - Takes out all colour and shading leaving an almost pencil sketch image
  • Blur - Soften the image or stickers
  • Sharpen - Can enhance some blurred and out-of-focus webcams
  • Emboss - Want to look like your image has been punched into sheet metal? :)
  • Lighten - Increase the brightness of the image
  • Darken - Tone down bright images
  • Pixelate - Hide who you are with this TV police show effect


All filters and effects are real-time to your broadcast webcam, zoom & pan is available for all image sources including webcam,video and image

With so many features and options it puts you in control, We've crammed in all the best webcam enhancing and virtual cam effects without compromise. change the playback speed, show recorded webcams, relay live yahoo webcams you are viewing to both Yahoo and MSN viewers

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