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How do you provide support?

You are most welcome to use our support forum or registered users have full access to our support ticket system. Basic "How to..." topics covering Installation, Registration etc are available in our Support Tutorials section.

Something has gone wrong, I think I've stumbled across a bug how do I let you know?

You can either email it directly to support@stickercam.com or post to our support forum, registered users are welcome to use our Ticket Support System
Please include the necessary information (detailed below) so that we may address the issue promptly.
* StickerCam version being used
* Yahoo Messenger version being used (if applicable)
* Operating System, e.g. Windows XP SP2 etc
* Basic system specification such as memory (RAM), hard disk space in total and free space
* A detailed explanation of the problem
e.g "I was editing a previously recorded webcam session (number of frames) and when I dragged the apple sticker from the Food category across to frame 37 the whole thing crashed! I had applied numerous stickers and a single background before the apple attacked!"

For us to try and replicate the vital we know exactly how the problem occurred so please provide detailed step by step instructions for us so that we can reproduce the problem ourselves. If we cannot replicate the problem, then it's highly unlikely that we can fix it :(

How do I use the Support Ticket system?

check out our tutorial Registered Users Ticket Support System :)

I need some one on one help...

We do our best to assist with all areas of providing support for StickerCam but due to our time zone and limited resources we are only able to offer one on one assistance on a case by case basis. Registered users are welcome to use the Ticket Support System to try to arrange a time and contact can be made.. yada yada

FAQ: General - Stickers - Purchase - Support - Miscellaneous

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