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How do I install the Sticker Packs?

please see our Support Tutorial - Install Sticker Packs

Where can I get Sticker Packs from?

see DOWNLOADS: Sticker Packs & Themes but the majority are only available via our main installation Sticker Pack available at Downloads which you are welcome to use during your 14 day trial period.

If you would like more stickers and backgrounds please consider purchasing StickerCam. Registered users automatically get access to another 220 stickers and have the option to purchase an additional 150 at US$4.95, plus registering StickerCam also removes the "watermark" :)

How do I install the Plugins?

see Installing Plugin Packs, if you need help using the plugins see our Plugins Tutorial

Where can I get Plugins from?

see DOWNLOADS: StickerCam Plugins or our forum thread Latest Plugins

Can I make my own stickers, animations and graphics to use in StickerCam?

If you would like to discuss options for new stickers or the ability to create your own please post your comments / suggestions to our Support Forum but rest assured we are currently working on this utility :)

eek! there's a "StickerCam" watermark on my capture / broadcast!

this only visible in the demo/trial version, registering StickerCam removes this :)

can I add stickers to a webcam after I have captured it?

Yes :) see Using Stickers

can I remove stickers after I have captured a webcam?

Yes :) see Using Stickers

FAQ: General - Stickers - Purchase - Support - Miscellaneous

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