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How much does it cost to purchase/register StickerCam?

StickerCam version 1.0.0 through 3.0 have being released with a purchase price of US$29.95, this is valid for version 1-3 (and subsequent minor releases) only.

Registered users automatically get access to another 220 stickers and have the option to purchase an additional 150 at US$4.95.

What Payment methods do you offer?

We currently accept payments via Paypal (Paypal.com) through our email address administrator@wackyb.co.nz. We are always open to suggestions regarding other payment gateways so don't hesitate to recommend another that you would like to see included. You can purchase StickerCam via PayPal from our Buy Now page.

Where can I download Stickercam?

Our latest trial version is available from StickerCam Downloads, installation instructions are available at Support Tutorial - Install StickerCam

What is your upgrade policy?

We currently provide two upgrade options, Minor and Major upgrades

1. Minor upgrades
Are free to all registered users of the current major version.
Example: you are currently registered user of v3, all subsequent version 3 releases are available to you free of charge.

2. Major upgrades
At this stage major upgrades (version 1 to version 2, version 2 to version 3 etc)  are currently free to registered users, this may change as developement progesses. Should this change in the future, registered user will always be offered an upgrade option at a substantially reduced price of no less than 50%

NOTE: Every effort will be made to update and help maintain the compatibility of StickerCam with future Yahoo! Messenger for automatic recording but we make NO GUARANTEES

What's your refund policy?

We provide a functional 14 day trial version of StickerCam for download so that you can evaluate it's suitability, stability and function without any commitment or obligation to purchase, from that point on you would only purchase StickerCam if you were completely satisfied with it, therefore we do not offer any refunds or money back based on the above.

I've paid for StickerCam but I haven't received my license key yet... what gives?!

The registration of StickerCam and subsequent generation of your unique license code is handled by an automated process, please remember no robot, like no human, is perfect :) If you do not receive your registration code within an hour of payment please don't panic simply following the instructions outlined below:

1. Check your Junk, SPAM folders, Deleted Items boxes for an email from thankyou@stickercam.com with the subject "StickerCam Order/Software Code"

if you are still unable to locate the registration email

2. post to the forum, under the category Product Registration / Licensing, let us know you're having a problem. Check our forum thread email bounced back, we can't contact you :( chances are we've been trying to get in touch with you also :)

3. Email andy@stickercam.com with the following...
* your PayPal transaction ID or a copy of the full receipt issued by PayPal
* the email address that you used to register/purchase StickerCam
* a secondary email address that we can also use to try to contact you (in case we are being blocked for some reason by your default account)
* your Yahoo! Messenger ID (or MSN, AIM, ICQ etc) so that we can send your registration details to you via messenger should all our attempts at the above fail miserably. (our Yahoo ID is: stickercam)

NOTE: We are based in New Zealand (GMT+12) so please don't expect an immediate response if you email us as quite often your day is our night and vice versa :)

As much as we would love to be able to provide 24/7 support and assistance we are sadly not in a position to do so but rest assured within 24 hours, often a lot less, we will be in touch.

How do I enter the license key into StickerCam?

please see our Support Tutorial How to Register StickerCam

IMPORTANT! You can activate WackyB-StickerCam on one machine at a time for personal use.
You may need to re-activate StickerCam again if your computer undergoes with some major system changes; You can do this up to 5 times. Activating with the same software key on multiple machines will disable earlier activations.
If you do require installation on a secondary pc for personal use, e.g. your laptop, please contact us.

I've lost my license key how do I get another one?

email (andy@stickercam.com )...
Your Full Name (so we can search our PayPal records)
Your PayPal receipt or transaction ID
The email address you used at the time of product registration.

FAQ: General - Stickers - Purchase - Support - Miscellaneous

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