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What IM's is Stickercam currently compatible with?

Yahoo! Messenger (broadcast & automatic capture)
Windows Live Messenger (broadcast & capture)
Skype (broadcast & capture)

Does Stickercam record webcam sessions?

When it comes to "automatic" recording / capturing of Instant Messenger webcams StickerCam is ONLY COMPATIBLE with Yahoo!® Messenger, but you can also manually record Skype and Windows Live Messenger.

Do I need my own webcam to use StickerCam?

No :) see our Broadcasting Tutorial section for information about Broadcasting AVI's, Images, Current Playback, and Screen Captures.

What are the system requirements for Stickercam?

the basic requirements are:
Microsoft Windows XP
Yahoo!®Messenger v5.6 and above for automatic web cam capture
Approx. 5-10mb disk space for stickers and saved webcams
Web cam (optional) to record & broadcast your own cam
Skype (optional)
Windows Live Messenger (optional)

please read a copy of our WackyB-StickerCam License Agreement before installation
more information available from StickerCam Downloads

Where can I download Stickercam?

Our latest trial version is available from StickerCam Downloads, installation instructions are available at Support Tutorial - Install StickerCam

What are limitations of the trial version compared to the fully registered version?

The trial version is limited to 14 days use, after this time you are required to register StickerCam or discontinue it's use. All recordings under the trial will have WWW.STICKERCAM.COM notice across the front as well as copyright notice and 'X' on all exported AVI video files. Trial version users only get a small fraction of the backgrounds and stickers currently available

How do I uninstall StickerCam?

please see our Support Tutorial - Uninstall StickerCam

FAQ: General - Stickers - Purchase - Support - Miscellaneous

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